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Jaeger Resources Corp. is a Junior Canadian Exploration Company focused on evaluating high potential, undervalued mineral properties for acquisition, which can be developed to give investors a superior return on investment.

The Jaeger Name

Why Jaeger Resources?

  • Success driven board, proven by their histories founding and developing successful businesses
  • Proven ability to raise funds as required, without limits imposed by global financial conditions.
  • Low administrative costs — more funds available for exploration.
  • Good prospective upside. Low current share price and potential for the "perfect storm" in these changing market conditions.
  • Tightly held shares — with a high percentage of insiders, and large participation of friends and family.

Capital Structure

As at November 30, 2021 Trading Information
Industry Junior Natural Resource - Mining
Stock Exchanges TSX-V
Stock Symbols JAEG
Sector Zinc
52 Week Range CAD$0.02 - CAD$0.06
Common Shares Issued - Basic
Common Shares Issued - Fully Diluted 60,286,004

Stock Information

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